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Title: Aquarist

Definition: Person who keeps or maintains an aquarium. They are curators, collectors, or ichthyologists associated with handling all of the fish and other animal life in an aquarium and study aquatic life. They care for the marine life in aquariums by maintaining their living environments and having hands on interactions with the creatures.

Definition (More Info): Science Buddies - Aquarist

Education Program:
Undergraduate programs
MUN Biology - Marine Biology concentration
Dal - Marine Biology
Marine Institute - Maritime Studies

First Credential:
Undergraduate degree in marine biology, or other related field. They also require certification in scuba diving, first aid and CPR.

Salary Range: Canada (Jan 2016): Median: $30,043.

Salary (More Info):
Payscale: Aquarist

Related Specialties: Marine biologist, Zoologist, Wildlife biologist, Aquaculturist, Aquarium curator, Aquatic veterinarian

Professional Associations: Canadian Association of Aquarium Clubs

Other Resources:
USA resources: Environmentalscience.org


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