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Title: Fisheries biologist

Definition: Fishery biologists study fish and supervise efforts to conserve natural habitats. Some work on boats, collecting samples and documenting statistics where others work near streams, lakes, and fish hatcheries and conduct experiments.

Definition (More Info): Study.com - Fishery Biologist

Education Program: Undergraduate program
MUN Biology - Marine Biology concentration
MI - Maritime Studies

First Credential: Bachelors degree related to marine and fishery sciences.

Salary Range:
Canada (Sept 2015):
Marine Biologist: Low: $30,674. Median: $55,352.
Wildlife Biologist: Low: $40,988. Median: $55,876.

Salary (More Info): Payscale: Marine Biologist

Related Specialties: Marine biologist, Wildlife biologist, Habitat biologist, Biologist.

Professional Associations: Atlantic Society of Fish & Wildlife Biologists (ASFWB)

Other Resources: American Fisheries Society


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