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Title: Mathematician

Mathematicians find patterns, and then capture and explore those patterns in mathematical language: functions and equations. The precise language of mathematics allows its users to discover new and useful things about the natural and constructed world in which we live.

Definition (More Info):
Wikipedia: Mathematics
Science Buddies - Mathematician

Education Program: Undergraduate programs
MUN - Mathematics & Statistics

First Credential: Bachelors degree

Salary Range: Canada (2015): Low: $46,393. Median: $70,588.

Salary (More Info):
Payscale: Mathematician

Related Specialties: Mathematical biologist, Statistician, Financial analyst, Software developer, Artificial intelligence developer, Epidemiologist, Virtual reality developer, Software or Computer Engineer, Climate scientist, Oceanographer, Cyber sleuth.

Professional Associations: CA Industrial & Applied Mathematics Society; CA Mathematical Society ; Society for Industrial & Applied Mathematics

Other Resources: Math at Work; Resources for Women in Mathematics


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