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Title: Ocean & Naval Architecture Engineer

Definition: Naval architecture engineers conceive, design, construct and maintain ships, offshore structures and other large floating systems. Ocean engineers design and build floating and underwater equipment, such as wave-measuring buoys, underwater vehicles, sonar systems and supporting platforms.

Definition (More Info):
MUN video and overview

Education Program: Undergraduate programs
Memorial University
MUN Video - Ocean and Naval Architecture Engineering Seminar (February 2014)

First Credential: Bachelors degree

Salary Range:
PEGNL Mean Salary (2015): Naval Architecture = $121,275.
PayScale: Canada (Sept 2015): Low=$45,391. Median=$58,883.

Salary (More Info):
• PEGNL: Engineers Canada 2015 Salary Survey, Atlantic Region
• Payscale: Marine Engineer or Naval Architect

Related Specialties: Naval Engineer, Naval Architecture Engineer, Ocean Engineer, Marine Engineer.

Professional Associations:
Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME)

Other Resources:
NH Sea Grant College - Ocean Engineering
Naval Architecture - Diploma of Technology, MI

Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN) offers the only undergraduate program.

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