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Title: Automotive Service Technician

Definition: Automotive service technicians perform preventative maintenance, diagnose faulty operations, and repair automotive vehicles and light trucks. They adjust, test, and repair engines, steering systems, braking systems, drive trains, vehicle suspensions, electrical systems, and air-conditioning systems, and do wheel alignments.

Definition (More Info): Truity.com

Education Program:
Academy Canada Automotive Service Technician
College of the North Atlantic (CNA) Automotive Service Technician

First Credential: Diploma or Certificate plus apprenticeship

Salary Range: PayScale Canada (Jul 2021): Entry Low: $14.43. Entry Median:$22.63.

Salary (More Info): PayScale:Automotive Service Technician / Mechanic

Related Specialties: Heavy Equipment Technician/Technologist, Heavy Equipment Mechanic, Mechanic

Professional Associations: Women in Automotive; Automotive Womens Alliance Foundation (SWAF); Women Building Futures; Office to Advance Women Apprentices; Automotive Industries Association of Canada

Other Resources: Gov of NL-Plan of Training; Red Seal; Women of Influence; Canadian Construction Women; Women in Automotive Tech Service Program


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