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Title: Transport and Truck Mechanic

Definition: Truck and transport mechanics inspect, repair, and maintain commercial trucks, emergency vehicles, buses, and road transport vehicles. They work on the vehicle�s structural, mechanical, electrical, and electronic systems and work on components such as engines, cab, chassis and frames, brakes, steering, suspension, drive train, HVAC, fuel systems, and hydraulic systems.

Definition (More Info):
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Education Program:
Central Training Academy - Truck & Transport Mechanic
College of the North Atlantic - Truck & Transport Mechanic

First Credential: Certificate plus apprenticeship

Salary Range: PayScale (Canada) (Jul 2021)
Diesel Mechanic: Entry Low: $17.62. Entry Median: $28.60/hr.
Heavy Duty Mechanic: Low: $18.73. Median: $33.51/hr.
Heavy Equipment Mechanic: Low:$19.62. Median: $30.35/hr.

Salary (More Info): PayScale: Diesel Mechanic; Heavy Duty Mechanic; Heavy Equipment Mechanic

Related Specialties: Automotive Service Technician, Heavy Equipment Technician, Heavy Equipment Mechanic

Professional Associations: Women Building Futures (WBF); Office to Advance Women Apprentices; Women in Automotive; Automotive Womens Alliance Foundation (SWAF); Automotive Industries Association of Canada

Other Resources: Gov of NL: Plan of Training; Red Seal; Women of Influence


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