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Title: Geologist

Definition: The scientist who studies the structures of the earth (rocks, soils, fossils, etc.), their origin and history as well as processes like earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

Definition (More Info):

Education Program: Undergraduate program
MUN - Geology

First Credential: Bachelors degree

Salary Range: Canada (Jul 2021): Entry Low: $49k. Entry Median: $73k.

Salary (More Info): Payscale: Geologist

Related Specialties: Earth Scientist, Mineralogist, Gemmologist, Paleontologist, Petrologist, Exploration geologist, Hydrologist/hydrogeologist, Structural geologist, Sedimentologist, Petrophysicist.

Professional Associations: PEGNL; Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists

Other Resources: Natural Resources Canada; Society of Economic Geologists; Occupational Profile


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