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Title: Marine Engineering Technologist

Definition: Marine engineering technicians (or shipbuilding technicians) design, build, service, and repair boats and ships. They might also carry out maintenance on offshore platforms, drilling machinery, and equipment.

Definition (More Info): National Careers Service - Marine Engineering Technician

Education Program:
MUN Marine Institute - Marine Engineering Technology

First Credential: Diploma

Salary Range: PayScale (Canada) (Apr 2021) - Marine Engineer: Low: $59k. Median: $78k.

Salary (More Info): PayScale: Marine Engineer

Related Specialties: Ship Engineering Officer, Second Engineer, Shipbuilding technician

Professional Associations: Council of Marine Professional Associates; Marine Technology Society; Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE) Center; Integrated Coastal & Oceans Mgmt NL; Institute of Marine Engineering, Science & Technology

Other Resources: IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society ; International Community for Maritime & Ocean Professionals ; Marine Engineering Technology � Diploma


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