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Title: Marine Environmental Technologist

Definition: Marine environmental technologists work with environmental engineers and scientists to identify, evaluate, prevent and control contamination of the marine environment. They work both in lab environments and in the field. Some common duties involve marine pollution and resource use, environmental legislation and policy to control human interaction with the environment, resource management, advising on the use, conservation and protection of coastal areas, and ultimately applying technical expertise in the ocean and coastal environments.

Definition (More Info): Marine Environmental Technology

Education Program:
MUN Marine Institute - Marine Environmental Technology (Diploma of Technology)

First Credential: Diploma

Salary Range: ayScale (Canada) (Jul 2021): Environmental Technologist
Entry Low: $17.70. Entry Median: $22.89.

Salary (More Info): PayScale: Environmental Technologist

Related Specialties: Wildlife technician/technologist, Environmental technologist, Marine technician/technologist

Professional Associations: Marine Technology Society; Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE) Center; Integrated Coastal & Oceans Mgmt NL; Institute of Marine Engineering, Science & Technology

Other Resources: International Community for Maritime & Ocean Professionals ; Council of Marine Professional Associates ; Eco Canada � Environmental Technician/Technologist


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