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Title: Aquaculture Technologist

Definition: Aquaculture technologists are involved in freshwater and marine farming and hatchery management, as well as research into farmed species. They can be involved in equipment design, site development and research, and the harvesting, processing, and shipment of products. An aquaculture technician works under an aquaculture technologist.

Definition (More Info): Food & Agricultural Organization of the United Nations

Education Program: Masters Program that focuses on strategic planning, decision-making, aquaculture technology management and the structure and operations of technology-based organizations.
MI: Technology Management (Aquaculture Technology) � Master�s Degree
MUN Grad Studies Aquaculture - Master of Science in Aquaculture

First Credential: Formal (Technical Certificates) and on-the-job training. Usually a masters in related field required.

Salary Range:

Salary (More Info):

Related Specialties: Farmworker, Harvest Technician, Aquatic Biologist, Aquaculture technician, Biological technician.

Professional Associations: Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance; Aquaculture Association of Canada; Marine Advanced Technology Education Center; Integrated Coastal & Oceans Mgmt NL; Institute of Marine Engineering, Science & Technology

Other Resources: Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council; Centre for Aquaculture & Seafood Development; Association of Engineering Technicians & Technologists of NL; Society for Canadian Women in Science & Technology; Canadian Centre for Women in SETT


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