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Title: Harvesting Technician

Definition: Harvesting Technicians may work at land-based hatcheries where they are involved in feeding and caring for salmon. Typical duties of hatchery technicians involve spawning brood fish to gather eggs, feeding, grading and vaccinating fish, cleaning and maintaining holding tanks and other equipment and monitoring water quality and other fish health diagnostics.

Definition (More Info): Marine Harvest Canada

Education Program: MUN, Marine Institute programs:
Technical Certificate in Fish Harvesting

First Credential: Certificate

Salary Range:

Salary (More Info):

Related Specialties: Fishery biologist, Biologist, Agricultural technician/technologist, Fish hatchery technician, Fisheries technician, Wildlife, Marine Biologist, Aquatic Biologist, Aquaculture Technician

Professional Associations: Marine Technology Society; Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE) Center; Integrated Coastal & Oceans Mgmt NL; Institute of Marine Engineering, Science & Technology

Other Resources: Canadian Women in Technology; IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society; IEEE Industry Applications Society; Society for Canadian Women in Science & Technology; Canadian Centre for Women in SETT; Association of Technology, Mgmt & Applied Engineering


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