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Title: Software technologist

Definition: Software technologists develop, implement, and evaluate computer software and program applications. The are involved in computer programming, programming languages, databases, user interfaces, networking and warehousing, encryption and security, software testing and evaluation, and customization.

Definition (More Info): Stats Canada

Education Program:
Academy Canada
College of the North Atlantic

First Credential: Diploma

Salary Range: PayScale (Canada) (Sept 2015):
Software Engineer / Developer / Programmer: Entry Low: $38,499. Entry Median: $55,589.
Software Developer: Entry Low: $41,104. Entry Median: $55,482.

Salary (More Info): PayScale: Software Engineer / Developer / Programmer; Software Developer

Related Specialties: Information Technologist, IT Professional, Software Engineer, IT Technician

Professional Associations: Canadian Women in Technology; Society of Internet Professionals; Women in Communications & Technology; IEEE Women in Engineering Newsletters; IEEE Canada; IEEE NL

Other Resources: Women Who Code; Ladies Learning Code; Association for Women in Computing; TechWomen; Women in Communications & Technology; Association of Technology, Mgmt & Applied Engineering; Canadian Centre for Women in SETT


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