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Title: Motor Vehicle Body Repairer (Metal and Paint)

Definition: Motor vehicle body repairers repair and restore damaged motor vehicle body parts and interior finishing; repaint body surfaces; and repair and/or replace automotive glass.

Definition (More Info): Gov of Canada

Education Program:
College of the North Atlantic (CNA) – Motor Vehicle Body Repairer (Metal & Paint)
Academy Canada – Motor Vehicle Body Repairer (Metal & Paint) (Entry)

First Credential: Certificate plus apprenticeship

Salary Range: PayScale (Canada) (Sept 2015):
Auto Body Repair Technician: Low: $24,928. Median: $20/hr.
Collison Repair Technician: Low: $25,344. Median: $20/hr.
Autobody Technician: Low: $27,221. Median: $23/hr.

Salary (More Info): PayScale: Auto Body Repair Technician; Collision Repair Technician; Autobody Technician

Related Specialties: Autobody Repairer, Autobody Mechanic, Mechanic, Automotive Painter

Professional Associations: Office to Advance Women Apprentices; Women in Automotive; Automotive Womens Alliance Foundation; Women Building Futures; Canadian Construction Women; Automotive Industries Association of Canada

Other Resources: Gov of NL: Plan of Training; Red Seal; Gov of Canada; Women of Influence


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