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Title: Chemist

Definition: Scientist who studies the composition and properties of matter and the ways elements and compounds interact with each other.

Definition (More Info): Science Buddies - Chemist

Education Program: Undergraduate program
MUN - Chemistry
MUN Grenfell Campus

First Credential: Bachelors degree

Salary Range: Canada (Sept 2015): Entry low: $31,415. Entry Median: $48,543.

Salary (More Info):
Payscale: Chemist

Related Specialties: Chemical oceanographer, Forensic laboratory scientist, Food and drug analyst, Environmental health specialist, Food scientist, Optometrist, Science teacher, Radiologist, Polymer chemist, Metallurgical analyst, Agricultural chemist, Medical doctor, Dentist

Professional Associations: Canadian Society for Chemistry (CSC); Chemical Institute of Canada

Other Resources: Chemistry Industry Association of Canada


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