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Title: Oceanographer

Definition: Someone from a science discipline (biology, chemistry, physics, earth science) who studies aspects of the physical and chemical processes of the oceans and potentially their influence on marine life and ecosystems.

Definition (More Info): National Ocean Science

Education Program:
MUN - Physics and Physical Oceanography
MUN - Earth Science Joint Honours Geophysics & Physical Oceanography

First Credential: A graduate degree in oceanography, marine biology, biochemistry, hydrogeology or a closely related field.

Salary Range:
PayScale (US) (Jan 2016): Range: $40,547 - $110,937. Median: $62,462. (USD)

Salary (More Info): PayScale (US): Oceanographer

Related Specialties: Marine biologist, Meteorologist, Geophysicist, Meteorologist, Earth scientist, Physicist.

Professional Associations: Canadian Meteorological & Oceanographic Society

Other Resources: Eco Canada - Oceanographer


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