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The Project - History

CareerLinks: Smart Choices for Women started as a pilot project jointly undertaken by Women in Science and Engineering Newfoundland and Labrador (WISE NL) and the Canadian Centre for Women in Science, Engineering, Trades and Technology (WinSETT Centre).

A message from WinSETT

The Canadian Centre for Women in Science, Engineering, Trades and Technology (WinSETT Centre) is an action-oriented, non-profit organization that aspires to recruit, retain and advance women in science, engineering, trades and technology (SETT). The WinSETT Centre delivers a Leadership Program of workshops to women in these fields, assists employers to create more inclusive and respectful workplaces, and promotes and celebrates the leadership of women in SETT organizations and as role models and mentors.

The WinSETT Centre was pleased to partner in the pilot of CareerLinks: Smart Choices for Women. . 

WinSETT Centre
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Funding for the pilot was provided through legacy funding from the Fueling the Future – Women in Oil and Gas Conference, held March 8-9, 2011 in St. John's, NL. Suncor generously provided additional support for the pilot and was the sole funder of Version 1.0.

"Fueling the Future" was an international conference which examined the participation of women in the oil and gas industry, from the global context to the situation in Atlantic Canada. The goal of this conference was to share information and experiences among employers, policy makers, educators, and others, in order to improve the participation of women in this sector. The conference also provided practical, useful and relevant guidance to the industry.

After the successful conference, the organizing committee solicited ideas from its six non-governmental committee members for projects that would further advance the goals of the conference. The organizing committee consisted of senior representatives from oil producers, suppliers to the oil and gas industry, post-secondary educational institutions, and the Federal and Provincial governments. It also included senior representatives from six non-governmental organizations dealing with employment equity and job readiness.

WISE NL and the WinSETT Centre submitted a successfully funded proposal for a pilot version of CareerLinks. The pilot version focused specifically on the oil and gas sector in Newfoundland and Labrador and was intended to visually demonstrate the project principles using preliminary survey data.

On completion of the pilot version, WISE NL assumed full responsibility for CareerLinks. WISE NL continues to maintain and enhance CareerLinks.

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