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The Project - Philosophy

The need for a diverse and capable science, engineering, trades, and technology (SETT) workforce is well understood. As women constitute the single largest pool of potential candidates, the characteristics of this group must be visibility in an inclusive and effective career planning tool.

  • Relevance - Women often take indirect paths to SETT careers and generally put high importance and priority on family, community and society as well as on financial rewards and status.

    To attract women, SETT careers must show relevance to women's priorities so CareerLinks presents career information where links to women's priorities are evident.

    CareerLinks also organizes and presents information for high school students, post-secondary students, and non-traditional students. For those seeking to shift careers within SETT, we also present potential connections that have been bridges to others in the past.
  • Role models - Experienced SETT women are valuable role models, showing other women that they are not alone on their ambitions. 

    One size does not fit all. CareerLinks helps users find role models that fit the user's specific interests, priorities and place in life and we make a special effort to find role models from Newfoundland & Labrador. Also, CareerLinks makes it easy for role models to share and update their contributions through the Your Story utility.
  • Resources - For anyone seeking a rewarding SETT career, the wealth of available information can be daunting. 

    aims to organize the vast amount of information in a way that makes it easier to understand pathways, issues, and opportunities.

    Through the Profile Builder, users can find tips and resources tuned to their specific hobbies, interests and concerns. Standard keyword search capability is also provided.

    Individual effort alone is not enough to ensure a successful and satisfying career. To help the user understand the bigger picture, CareerLinks includes links to important economic sector information. For those looking to switch careers, the tools facilitate exploration by providing information that may build on prior experience across SETT fields.

Beyond the Project

Attracting the attention of women to SETT careers requires relevance, role models and resources that CareerLinks is designed to provide.

Hiring and retaining professional SETT women requires progressive employment practices that produce respectful and inclusive environments.

To learn more on how employers can strengthen workplaces to welcome, support and enable talented women to succeed, advance, and bring the benefits of diversity to the organization, we direct the reader to the following.